RunAs Professional 3

RunAs Professional 3: RunAs Professinoal solves the password problem of normal runas. RunAs Professional is a substitute for Microsoft`s command runas. RunAs Professional solves the problem that normal runas does not support the commandline parameter password. Now you can use RunAs Professional to install software, use it in batch skripts and much more. If you use RunAs Professional you can start an application with other credentials without log off and log on. Some applications do not run very properly without admin rights. With

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EMCO RunAs Professional 1.1.3

RunAs Professional that empowers network administrators to run different applications with different access levels on different nodes of a LAN. Users can select the machines that they want to process and then they can specify what programs they want to run along with the access level with which they want to execute those applications on the remote machines. EMCO RunAs Professional has the ability to scan available machines on a network for different

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Run-It as 1.0: Run an executable using the specified credentials (domain, user and password)
Run-It as 1.0

RunitAs runs an executable using the specified credentials (domain, user and password) from a limited or guest account. Similar to the Windows RunAs function with more features. Once all the required fields are set, it is a snap to create shortcuts for the current user or all the users of the computer.

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NetExec 2.1: XP`s 'Fast user switching', a better 'RunAs' and a lot more--even on Win NT/2k
NetExec 2.1

NetExec lets you work with multiple accounts simultaneously on Windows NT/2k/XP. It brings features like "Fast user switching" and "RunAs" to your machine in a much better way than the MS originals - even on NT4 and Win2k. Using the CustomClient-Creator AddOn you can let your users run selected apps as Admin without telling them the password. Besides a comfortable GUI everything is also available from the command line.

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DiskLogon Log on to your computer with an USB Pen Drive.

DiskLogon adopts the latest identification and authentication technologies, allowing you to use your memory card or USB Pen Drive to log on. Features: 1.Completely simulating Smart Card 2.Automatic logon and automatic dial VPN connection 3.Supports Terminal Services & Terminal Web Services 4.Completely integrates the Security Policy of Windows System 5.Provides DiskLogon RunAs function 6.Protects your user password 100%

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